Switches & Smart Stops
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Switches & Smart Stops

Cylinder Switches

L3 is a solid state dual sensor switch, immune to the majority* of direct and alternating field welding applications.

  • Interchangeable with World Switch in function and performance
  • IP 65 / IP 67 rated for harsh environments
  • Short circuit & overload protected
  • Mounts easily to T-slot and tie rod cylinders
  • 4-wire M12 DC connector, N.O. PNP output
  • Weld spray resistant cable covers

*Note that some mid and low frequency DC resistance applications (i.e. aluminum resistance welding applications) may cause a fault. In these applications, it is recommended that the sensor be ignored/bypassed during the welding cycle.

L5 is a single sensor switch, N.O. NPN (not weld field immune) 3-wire M12 DC connector. Two switches are installed per cylinder.

World Switches

Chicklet-style inductive sensors are weld field immune, AC or DC. Sensors set to extend or retract position by placement in switch housing. Most switch manufacturers available.
Check product catalogs for availability.


EFFECTIVE 1/2/2023: World Switch ZE/ZR will be standard. All other world switches will be non-stock items that may affect price and delivery.
World Switch Technical Bulletin

Smart Stop

Welker Smart Stop does all stopping & sensing functions in one part. Minimizes engineering, field set up and operator adjustment time.

  • Need for separate mounts, brackets & flags.
  • Need for switch adjustments when shimming.
  • Improper adjustment of outboard switches.
  • Outboard switch vibrating loose in bracket.
  • Protecting outboard proxes from being stepped on or bent in tools.

For use with Welker Powered Slides and DB4 Guided Slide

pancake switch

Pancake Smart Stops

Same benefits as the standard Smart Stop, ideal where space is limited. Narrow and wide options with choice of switch manufacturers.

  • Turck
  • Balluff
  • Pepperl + Fuchs