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Welker Slides are commercially available linear slides that provide all the desired features that engineers and designers need. The compact, yet robust, powered slides provide symmetry and flexibility of installation. Available in various sizes and capabilities. They can be mounted in any orientation and are designed to operate successfully in harsh environments: welding, foundry, sandblasting, machining. For paint spray applications, please call Welker.

  • Pneumatic cylinders: non-locking, duplex and locking.
  • Hydraulic cylinders, VFD and servo actuators available.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic slides are pre-plumbed for easy installation.

Powered Slide Application Verification
Test the payload, distance, and angle of your application using this handy Excel document.

Custom Slides are available, load capacity and stroke to suit: Custom Slide Worksheet

Slide Series Max Load Max Stroke
P5/P7 Plane Bearing 800 lbf 500mm
R2 Rail 2000 lbf 500mm
LPM, LP1 Rail 250 lbf 495mm
LP2 Rail 500 lbf 495mm
DB2 Guided Slide lbf 150mm
DB4 Guided Slide lbf 150mm
NL3/WL3 Low Profile Rail 4000 lbf 480mm
VOSS Heavy Duty Rail 4000 lbf 500mm
Tool Tray Heavy Duty Rail TBD 5100mm
AES Single Extrusion Rail 500 lbf 5100mm (screw)
AES Double Extrusion Rail 1000 lbf 5100mm (screw)

P5 & P7 Plane Bearing Slides

PTFE bearings require no lubrication - P5 slide is almost maintenance free

P5 & P7 feature composite bearing ways, hard chrome shafts, double seals. Way covers not required. Lube free! Least expensive and most durable.

Load capacity: 800lbf
Max stroke: 500mm

  • Catalog
  • P5 P5
  • P7 CAD ~ Call Welker

R2 Rail Slide

External trunnion pin allows for removal of cylinder with tooling intact

R2 rail slide can handle heavier loads with the shortest configuration available. Single or dual position applications. Kevlar shields protect rails from weld spatter, easy to replace. Optional auto-lube.

Load capacity: 2000lbf
Max stroke: 500mm


LP Rail Slides

Low profile LP1 slide height is 70mm, LP2 is 85mm

LP low profile rail slides feature aluminum carriage & base plate. Fixed metal shroud protects rails at all times.

LPM load capacity: 250lbf. Rod lock cylinder option
LP1 load capacity: 250lbf
LP2 load capacity: 500lbf
Max stroke: 495mm


DB Guided Slides

Ideal for high torque nut-runners, overhung loads, weld gun tooling & locating feature nests

DB guided slides feature double square ram, providing super high rigidity and excellent torque resistance. High performance reinforced PTFE square bearing provides permanent lubrication. Standard unit features aluminum body with steel mounting plates and square ram. Aluminum unit has aluminum body, mounting plates and ram.

DB2 load capacity: ___lbf
DB4 load capacity: ___lbf
Max stroke: 150mm


NL3 & WL3 Low Profile Rail Slides

Pneumatic cylinder available with rod lock

NL3 & WL3 slides offer narrow and wide solutions for low profile applications. Kevlar shields protect rails from weld spatter, easy to replace. Optional auto-lube.

Load capacity: 4000lbf
Max stroke: 480mm


VOSS Heavy Duty Rail Slides

Kevlar bellows protect rails from contaminants

VOSS compliant components for Ford applications. Four models available: 4" and 6" bore NC9 trunion pneumatic cylinder, for narrow or wide loads. Use the worksheet in the catalog to request CAD drawings.

Load capacity: 4000lbf
Max stroke: 500mm

Presentation Slides

Ideal for model select material handling applications

Offering both cost savings and enhanced operator safety, Welker Presentation Slides have become an industry standard in robotic weld cell parts delivery applications. Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum extrusion, Presentation Slides are suitable for harsh environments.

Multiple configurations available
Belt or screw drive

See Presentation Slides page

Tool Tray Shuttles

Ideal for model select material handling applications

Tool tray shuttles feature electric actuators and absolute encoders for high repeatability. Carriage plates are machined to customer hole patterns. Precision homing/lockout pins provided. A hard-plumbed manifold is available for easy access lubrication.

Load capacity sized per application