Pin Clamps
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Pin Clamps

Welker Pin Clamps offer positive part location and clamping. With the dual finger design, clamping is achieved on both sides of a hole or slot. Maximizes work access to part.

  • The unique gapless finger design keeps contaminants away from the internal mechanism.
  • Linear clamping ensures positive clamping for multiple parts and flanged holes.
  • Applications: underbody fixtures, end effectors - replaces separate pin and clamp. Ideal for geometry setting or material handling.
  • Pin style choice of bullet nose or low profile.
  • All Welker Pin Clamps are NAAMS compatible
  • Solid state cylinder switch option available on all series. World Switch offered with PCS and PCM.
  • The only pin clamp on the market with a replaceable cartridge for cost savings!

Series Pin Dia.
PCZ 8.00-16.00 4mm No No
PCY 8.00-26.00 4mm Yes No
PCS 12.00-25.00 7mm Yes Yes
PCM 25.01-40.00 7mm Yes Yes

PCZ Pin Clamp

Undersizing pin by 0.25mm is recommended

PCZ is the most compact and lightweight pin clamp in the product line, weighing just 3.4 lbs. including integrated pneumatic cylinder.
Ideal for flanged holes, end effector applications, and small parts handling.

Pin diameters: 8.00 to 16.00mm (10mm minimum pin diameter for end effector applications)
Part thickness: 2mm
Backup diameters to 35mm


PCY Pin Clamp

For horizontal applications, orientation of the clamp finger movement should be parallel to the ground

PCY is a robust and compact pin clamp with an integrated pneumatic cylinder. Retract option allows low profile pin to retract flush with the backup for easy part release. Spring retract feature holds parts on end effectors if air loss occurs.

Pin diameters: 8.00 to 26.00mm (10mm minimum pin diameter for end effector applications)
Part thickness: 4mm
Backup diameters to 50mm


PCS Pin Clamp

Choice of World Switch or solid state cylinder switch

PCS is a full size pin clamp, featuring an independent 50mm bore pneumatic cylinder. Standard and long backups available in steel or aluminum bronze.

Pin diameters: 16.01 to 25.00mm
Standard pin diameters: 18.85, 19.00, 20.00, 24.85, 25.00
Part thickness: 7mm
Backup diameter: 35 to 50mm


PCM Pin Clamp

M is for Medium. PCL also available with pin diameters 40.01 to 64.00mm

PCM series features larger diameter pins for more robust applications, such as automotive assembly, BIW, and palletized part locate & transfer.

Pin diameters: 25.01 to 40.00mm
Standard pin diameters: 34.85, 35.00, 39.85, 40.00
Part thickness: 7mm
Backup diameter: 51 to 75mm