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Auto-Index Dimpler

WD3 is a compact in-die unit used in stampling applications to prevent sheet metal blanks from sticking together. Two dimples are made in the trim edge of the part, indexing automatically with the action of the press.

  • 7 indexes per revolution minimizes potential for dimple nesting
  • Protects dies by minimizing potential for multiple blank feeds
  • Can correct fan stack effect on tailor-welded blanks
  • Requires no air, hydraulic or electrical connections
  • Actuated by gas spring for superior reliability
  • Increases efficiency of part grippers
  • Suitable for aluminum or steel

Auto indexing dimpler guarantees space between consecutive parts.

Roll Dimpler

The Welker Roll Dimpler minimizes blank sticking by adding rows of small dimples to sheet metal in coil fed operations. Dimples prevent blanks from sticking together simplifying handling for operators and press feed robots.

  • Minimizes double-sheet misfeeds
  • Prevents die damage and downtime
  • Eliminates the need for expensive air knife systems
  • Ideal for nonferrous materials where fanner magnets are ineffective
  • Can be used with any coil fed material
  • Compact design mounts between the decoiler/straightener and press
  • Typically supplied with three adjustable dimpler heads to accommodate any width of coil