Presentation Slides
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Presentation Slides

"Move the part, not the robot"

Part Presentation Slides offer a cost and space saving alternative to feed conveyors. Utilizing electric actuators, they deliver a 90% reduction in energy usage compared to long stroke pneumatic slides. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum extrusion, slides are suitable for harsh environments. A single motor unit can drive one or two carriages. Dual slide units allow push/pull presentation, which buries load time in the cycle. Slides can be outfitted with trays for multiple presentations. Floor mounted slides can pull dunnage carts.


  • Nested part presentation
  • Weld or clinching guns
  • Model select
  • Tip dresser shuttle
  • Overhead shuttle when used with the DB4 lifter

AES Standard, Screw Drive
BES Standard, Belt Drive
MES Mini, Belt Drive
Presentation Slide Worksheet VFD Panel Boxes
Smart Part Shuttle

Presentation Slide Styles

AES Standard Slides

Screw Drive Presentation Slide

AES series part presentation slides are available in four styles: Single, Double, Double Independent, and Push-Pull. Double provides a single carriage plate, allowing for the largest load. Double Independent's two motors move carriage plates independently of each other. Push-Pull's single motor moves two carriage plates in opposing directions.
AES slides are screw drive units with VFD or servo motor.

Load capacity: 1000 lb (Double)
Max stroke: 4400mm


BES Standard Belt Slides

Belt drive presentation slides

BES Belt Slides are standard presentation slides, (similar size to our model AES), driven with a high performance, steel reinforced polyurethane timing belt, and offers faster speeds and lower maintenance requirements than a screw driven unit. An excellent cost savings alternative to expensive conveyors, the BES Slide’s optional motors include a VFD gearmotor, a Clearpath® Servo motor, or a customer supplied motor.

Load capacity: 360kg [793lb] centered. See catalog for offset loads
Max stroke: 8800mm

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MES Slides

Mini extrusion slide for light duty applications

The new MES is a mini version of Welker's standard part presentation slide, for light duty applications. Belt-drive operation with servo actuator, or customer supplied motor. Alignment pin provided for homing verification.

Load capacity: 250 lb
Max stroke: 3720mm

On-Machine Drives

On-machine mounted drive for 1HP or 3HP VFD single axis extrusion slides. Dual axis slides require two drives.

  • Siemens G-120 Series drive supports Ethernet, Profinet, or Servo
    6 inputs: one for each slide switch
    2 outputs report to main PLC advanced or retracted
    2 analog input/outputs can be used for any encoder or linear transducer
  • Shines best on single and push/pull units
    1HP pricing $4,300 vs $7,800, saving $3,500
    3HP pricing $5,100 vs $8,050, saving $2,950
  • Fully connectorized with HAN
  • All cables and basic programming included
  • Encoder capable A/B NO


VFD Panel Boxes



Fully connectorized = no field wiring required

Switches wired directly to drive for best repeatability

Sealed panel with no fans or filters

Basic Program installed in drive

Installed program conventions: Forward is away from motor. All prox cables must be active to run shuttle. Use extreme caution and slow speed when using laptop controlled jog mode. The switches will be disabled and over-travel crash is possible.

Ethernet Safety PLC Panel Boxes
Note: will only function with ethernet safety PLC
Part Number Application PDF AutoCAD files
S02102 Single axis 1HP PDF CAD
S02103 Double axis 1HP PDF CAD
S02104 Single axis 3HP PDF CAD
S02105 Double axis 3HP PDF CAD
S02242 Single axis 5HP PDF CAD
Ethernet Standard PLC Panel Boxes
Safety inputs, outputs and other safety hardware are not included. The VFD has built-in Safe-Torque-Off inputs that are ready for connection to external safety relays and other components that can be wired to this panel or added to this panel to achieve a desired Safety Category.
Part Number Application PDF AutoCAD files
S02165 Single axis 1HP PDF CAD
S02166 Double axis 1HP PDF CAD
S02167 Single axis 3HP PDF CAD
S02168 Double axis 3PH PDF CAD
S02243 Single axis 5HP PDF CAD