Bearings & Friction Rollers
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Bearings &
Friction Rollers

  • Welker helps customers explore new bearing options and technologies that offer lubrication free, high-performance products along with traditional bronze bearings.
  • Our selection guide will help people select the right bearing alternative for their product or equipment. Traditional SAE660 bronze bearings are offered in standard sizes or machined to customer specifications.
  • Alternative bearings such as CIP and reinforced PTFE offer built in lubrication, high load/low friction performance and the ability to operate in hostile environments.

Welker Bearing Selection Guide
Custom Flange Bearing Worksheet
Custom Thrush Washer Worksheet
Custom Sleeve Bearing Worksheet

CIP Bearings
Rulon Bearings
CJ Bearings & Thrust Washers
FCJ/Precision FCJ Bearings
Fabricated Plane Bearings
Bonded Construction Bearings
Self-Lube Clamp Pivot Bearings
Friction Rollers

CIP Bearings

CIP composite material is available in tube and sheet for custom machining

CIP Bearings are resin bonded fabric with internal lubrication. Suited for high loads, low speed applications. Can run against hard or soft mating surfaces. Homogeneous material throughout bearing. Easily machined.

Rulon Bearings

Rulon LR, J and food-grade 641 materials available in rod, tape, tube or sheet

Rulon Bearings are suited for low load, average speed applications.
Does not require lubrication.
Chemically inert.
Filled PTFE

CJ Bearings & Thrust Washers

Rulon CJ bearings are made with braided composite material

CJ Bearings & Thrust Washers are long wearing, maintenance-free bearing suitable for high load/low speed applications.
Low coefficient of friction.
Chemical resistant.

FCJ/Precision FCJ Bearings

FCJ bearings are corrosion resistant, practically chemically inert and electrically insulative

FCJ Bearings are suited for combination motion-oscillatory, linear, and/or rotary applications.
Bearings can run against hard or soft shafting.
Excellent general purpose bearing.

Bronze Bearings

Over 700 standard size ID, OD and lengths

Standard Bronze Bearings (SAE 660), Fabricated Plane Bearings, are suited for high load applications.
Must be lubricated.
83% Copper, 7% Tin, 7% Lead, 3% Zinc
Tensile Strength (psi) 44,000

Machined to customer's print/specs.

Bonded Construction Bearings

Rulon, PTFE, Metaloplast, and CIP material available for custom bonding to new parts and machine repair

Bonded Construction Bearings enable greater operating PV, improve heat dissipation & load capacity. Broad flexibility in size, geometry and location of wear surfaces. Can be used for diameters, flat or spherical surfaces. Provides a bearing surface in otherwise inaccessible areas. Increases dimensional accuracy.

Self-Lube Clamp Pivot Bearings

Graphite plug bearings offer continuous lubrication over long periods without maintenance

Self-Lube Bearings are C86300 bronze alloy with solid lubricant plugs.

Self-Lube Clamp Pivot Bearings
Self Lube Thrust Bearing
Cylinder Clevis Dry Bearing


Friction Rollers

3-piece roller assemblies offer three design choices

Friction Rollers feature a 3-piece design that eliminates the roller riding directly on the shaft, allowing the use of soft shafting - positioned by pinning the flange and collar to the shaft, thereby providing greater driving force.
3-piece rollers are specifically recommended for inclined sections and areas where pallet acceleration from stops is critical.