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Welker Z World Switch Welker L3 Cylinder Switch

Welker Z World Switch

NEW! Welker is pleased to offer the Z World Switch, an economical option now available on many standard products. The Z switch is an inductive sensor with extremely bright triple luminous band indication. Ideal for use in harsh environments, such as direct- and alternating-field welding systems.



Welker L3 Cylinder Switch

The Welker L3 solid state cylinder mounted sensor is immune to the majority* of direct and alternating field welding applications. Interchangeable with World Switch in function and performance. Mounts easily to T-slot and tie rod cylinders. Weld spray resistant cable covers.


*Note that some mid and low frequency DC resistance applications (i.e. aluminum resistance welding applications) may cause a fault. In these applications, it is recommended that the sensor be ignored/bypassed during the welding cycle.

Smart Stop

Welker Smart Stop

Protects the switch from damage during maintenance.
Eliminates: the need for separate mounts, brackets & flags; need for switch adjustment when shimming; improper adjustment of outboard switches; outboard switch vibrating loose in bracket.
Welker Smart Stop is NAAMS compatible.
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World Switch

World Switches

Weld field immune, AC or DC. Most switch brands available. Sensors set to extend or retract position.  
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Cylinder Switch

Cylinder Switches

Solid state switches for pneumatic cylinders. Sensors mount in t-slot of compact cylinder or on tie rod.  
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