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Welker L3 Cylinder Switch

Welker L3 Cylinder Switch

The Welker L3 solid state cylinder mounted sensor is immune to the majority* of direct and alternating field welding applications.

  • Interchangeable with World Switch in function and performance
  • IP 65 / IP 67 rated for harsh environments
  • Short circuit & overload protected
  • Mounts easily to T-slot and tie rod cylinders
  • 4-wire M12 DC connector, N.O. PNP output
  • Weld spray resistant cable covers

*All except mid-frequency DC weld with 40" throat, which also caused false positives in all brands of world clamp switches.


  Cylinder Switch Update

Smart Stop
Welker Smart Stop
Protects the switch from damage during maintenance.
Eliminates: the need for separate mounts, brackets & flags; need for switch adjustment when shimming; improper adjustment of outboard switches; outboard switch vibrating loose in bracket.
Welker Smart Stop is NAAMS compatible.
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World Switch
World Switches
Weld field immune, AC or DC. Most switch brands available. Sensors set to extend or retract position.  
Check product catalogs for availability.  
Cylinder Switch
Cylinder Switches
Solid state switches for pneumatic cylinders. Sensors mount in t-slot of compact cylinder or on tie rod.  
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