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Shot Pins

Gold-Line Shot Pins

  • Welker Gold-Line Pins provide long term accuracy and repeatability for precision location.
  • Require NO lubrication and minimal maintenance.
  • Gold-Line Pins are resistant to weld spatter.
  • Steel & aluminum construction is structurally strong and durable yet lightweight.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders are easy to replace.
  • Safety orange steel shrouds come standard on all units, protects seal from weld spray.
  • Inline shot pin ram is electrically insulated from body.
  • All Welker Shot Pins are NAAMS compatible.

Application Photos

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Rap-to-Rigid Coupler Conversion
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Supplemental Ram Options

UB2 Shot Pin

UB2 Global Shot Pin

Shortest, smallest square ram package on the market.
Stroke: 25, 50, 75mm
Rap or Rigid coupler.
Optional solid state cylinder switch or World Switch.
Aluminum ram unit available.
Maintenance, Parts
CAD Downloads
WP6 Shot Pin

WP6 Gold Line Shot Pins

Stroke: 25-200mm
Rap or Rigid coupler.
Double rod with Extend stop or Retract stop available.
Maintenance, Parts  

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DB4 Shot Pin

DB Dual Guide Shot Pin

Provides super high rigidity. Offers excellent torque resistance for large nut runners.
Shim in both directions. Uses Welker Smart Stop for positive stroke control in both directions.
Applications: Nut-runners, overhung loads, applications that impose torque on the actuator.

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