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Servo Shim Positioner

Welker Servo Shim Positioner

Maximizes tooling flexibility by allowing quick repositioning of nets for in-process adaption to build trends in metal.  
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for end effectors
  • Match ground lead screw and nut holds position even without power
  • Available with single axis or double axis (shown) configurations
  • 1" per second travel speed
  • 150 lbf load capacity
  • Slide travel is 25mm per axis
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Lube-free PTFE ways
  • 24V DC servo actuator with absolute encoder
Maintenance, Parts
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Typical Application

Shown with Welker pin clamp as locator & clamp, repositions quickly for build trend change.

Servo Shim Positioner with Pin Clamp