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Compact Lifter
Compact Lifters


Saddle Lifter for trunnions
Saddle Lifter

Welker Compact Lifters

  • No need for costly floor pits
    • Compact closed height
  • Versatile mounting positions
    • Pneumatic, hydraulic or electro servo lifters available
    • Rapid advance, soft touch applications
    • Strokes up to 1000mm
    • Standard 4", 6", 8" bore cylinders
    • High repeatability
    • Symmetrically reversible
    • Can lift overhung loads
  • Optional servo synchronizing
    • Synchronizes remotely mounted units
      • Simultaneously lifts from multiple points
      • Better accessibility to work area in center of tool
  • Unique compact design
    • Always the same height as cylinder when retracted
    • Maintenance free operation! Completely lube-free PTFE bearing, hard chrome plated shaft
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Stroke Increment: 25mm
Maximum Stroke: 150mm
Small lifter provides super high rigidity. Shim in both directions. Uses Welker Smart Stop for positive stroke control in both directions.

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Lift Table

Lift Table

Heavy duty 4-post steel lift table
Pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuator
Lift height and plate sized to suit
Ideal for lift & transfer applications
Custom Lifters

Custom Lifters

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CLM Lifters


DB4 in Windshield Line: