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Floating Locating Pin

Welker Floating Locating Pins

  • Floating Pin provides a rigid 4 way pin and net surface for geometry setting. The only component that will allow multiple 4-way pins on the same part without hole damage or pin wear!
  • FP4 has a 3mm radial float when pneumatically released;
    FP2 has a 2mm radial float.
  • Provides bind-free part stripping.
  • Floating feature is sealed to resist contaminants.
  • 15mm-40mm NAAMS pin compatible. Custom pins and rests can be attached to flat mount.
  • Floating feature can also float other locating features such as pins & geo backups or datum blocks. No need to dump or retract.
  • Floating Pins are ten times more repeatable over 3 million cycles than any retracting pin.
  • Applications: Fixtures, end effectors
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NMP Floating Micro Pin

NMP Micro Pin1.5mm radial float when pneumatically retracted, reducing pin wear and part bind when unloading part.
Floating feature is shielded to resist contaminants.
Available with choice of three body styles: side or end mounting for direct NAAMS pin retainer replacement; unit with side and end mounting is a direct replacement for Welker RMP retracting micro pin.
Pin diameter range 3-13mm
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