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DB4 Dual Guided Slide

Welker DB4 Dual Guided Slide

The DB4's double square ram provides super high rigidity and offers excellent torque resistance. High performance reinforced PTFE square bearing provides permanent lubrication. Standard unit features aluminum body with steel mounting plates and ram. Aluminum unit has aluminum body, mounting plates and ram. DB4 uses Welker Smart Stop for sensing and shimming both ends of stroke.

The DB4 can be mounted in any orientation allowing it to function as a lifter, thruster, slide, pusher, adjustable side guide, or crowder.

Applications: High torque nut-runners, overhung loads, weld gun tooling & locating feature nests.

Maintenance, Parts
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Application Photos

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DB4 with the Rota-Flex in Windshield Line

DB4 adding 150mm height to Part Ejector

DB4 with shot pins, positioners, and plane bearing slides in weld cell